Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012


When we meet,
In the busy street called life,
Full of human being,We both are strangers to each other,
But we seem to know each other for a long time ago,
There is a very special feeling between two of us,
A very special feeling that only one word can describe it,
The word of love,
I hope that the time stops at the moment,
The moment that our eyes meet each other,
The moment that we feel that the busy street is only us,
The moment that our minds just have each other.

When we meet,
In the busy street,
Standing right in front of each other,
With the heart beats faster than ever,
And the busy street seems to be so beautiful,
I hope the time just stops here,
We just stop here,And feel the love that grows from our hearts.

#Special for Me and My Hubby at 1st Oct,
 My brother and Sister at 3th Oct,
All My Family,
My Lovely Best friends and All who were celebrating a Wedding Anniversary^^

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