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Mepawah City

Mempawah is capital city of Pontianak Regent it is located about 66 kilometers from Pontianak capital city of West Kalimantan Province, Mempawah is a small and quiet town not to far from the shore. When you go to Mempawah don’t forget to visit Temajoh Island or Temajo because it is not far from Pola Kijing in Sungai Kunyit. Temajoh is a nice place for recreation and you can buy a lot of seafood in Temajoh.

Mempawah is laid on Sungai Mempawah which flows from the hinterland up to Kuala Mempawah, a few kilometer from Mempawah town. Mempawah is a place of Amantubillah Palace of Mempawah Empire, which was burned and rebuild in 1922 by the King Mohammad Taufik Akamaddin. The founder of Mempawah Empire, His Majesty Opu Daeng Manambon was buried at the Suap village in Mempawah Region. Habib Husein (the first Islam spreader in Mempawah) was buried at Sejegi village in Mempawah Region.

A long time ago there was a tradition Robo’ Robo’ to commemorate the last Wednesday in Islam Lunar Calendar in Kuala Mempawah, Mempawah Region. There was a canoe sport at the River at Kuala Mempawah, at that time the bridge over Kuala Mempawah was collapsed to Mempawah river, caused severe injuries to the people.

Robok - Robok is a traditional from Mempawah, West Kalimantan. The meaning of this tradition is welcoming celebrational of ompu Daeng Manambon, the former king of Mempawah. 
Robok - Robok is related to islamic event. In this event, all people pray to Allah for salvation and kept them away from many disaster.

The first thing that we must do in Robok - Robok event is "buang- buang" ritual or "tolak bala" which was done by Pangeran Ratu of Amantubillah Palace on the middle of the sun. Then, in Mempawah, a retainer echoes adzan over the ship followed by "buang - buang" ritual performed by the crown prince (Putra Mahkota). Furthermore, the Queen and the prince visited the invitation guess and the crown prince returned to the palace.

Many attractions will be shown such as traditional dress, qasidah, hadrah - panjat pinang (kind of tree climbing contest), smack pillow, tarik tambang (pulling rope contest), etc. These activities will be held at the next of Mempawah river from morning until night.

Robok - Robok is very historic, and has historical value because this event is very important event to be remembered. Especially for the relatives of Amantubillah Palace in Mempawah.
For some local people, Robok - Robok helps them to earn some money by selling product and souvenirs around the location.


Some places of recreation area near Mempawah are, Kijing Beach or Pola Kijing at Sungai Kunyit Mempawah, and Temajoh Island as I mentioned above. Kijing Beach is a sloping beach with white sand. According to the folk, around the 1960s Kijing Beach was a mangrove plantation, because of abrasion it become a sandy beach.

                                                                    Kijing Beach

Temajoh is close to Sungai Kunyit, some people call it Temajo, it take about one hour by boat from Sungai Kunyit village. The distance from Mempawah to Sungai Kunyit is 18 kilometers. Sungai Kunyit is famous with seafood. You could by fresh seafood like fishs, squids, shrimp, with cheap price. Kunyit or Tumeric contained antiseptic, and to reduce fishs or shrimps bad smell.

Temajo Island  Mempawah 78 kilometers from Pontianak, about 1 hour with water motor from Sungai Kunyit. The grave of Fatimah Jemaje is found on this island, in Tanjung Mutus. Fatimah was a queen of Siak who died in a battle between the kingdoms of Sambas and Siak.
The beach is clean and white, and the sea suitable for surfing. Cloves and kruing grow on the island.
This Island that faced to Natuna Sea have beautiful nature scenery and clear seawater, hardly suited for athletics dive. Its situation is nearby with Kijing beach.

A few months ago there were a big flood in Mempawah city caused by water from Sungai Mempawah overflooded, also at Suap village at Mempawah Hilir district.

Ethnic Malay in Mempawah area divided in two main ethnic, some peoples called themself as Malay Mempawah and Malay Sambas, they have a little bit differentiation on their dialect. Most of Malay Mempawah are living along shoreline from Mempawah area to Sungai Kunyit, while from Sungai Kunyit to Sungai Duri are living Malay Sambas. Some Malay Mempawah living as fisherman, they are going fishing to Temajoh Island and surrounding sea, while Malay Sambas as farmers.

                                                                   Temajo Island

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