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Danau Sentarum National Park, West Borneo Indonesia

Danau Sentarum National Park (DSNP),is located in a remote area of West Kalimantan, Indonesia, and situated close to the Malaysian border of Sarawak, approximately 700 km. inland from the West Kalimantan provincial capital, Pontianak. DSNP is an area of connected lakes and seasonally flooded by the tropical rains,a sthe water streams down the with covereed Rain Forest hills surrounding the area. The Danau Sentarum National Park is approximately 30-35 m. above sea level, while the surrounding hills that rise as high as 750 meter above sea level. Daytime temperatures are consistently between the 26-30 degrees Celsius, The driest months are usually July, August, and September. The area was established in 1985 as the Danau Sentarum Wildlife Reserve. While the borders are unclear, the main part of the park is around 1250 square km
Several Longhouses are found in the area of Danau Sentarum Park, The Iban longhouse of Sungal Sedik is located about 6 km. from the district center of Lanjak. The longhouse was a 14-household community containing about 100 residents. The Sedik River territory is a hunted area for the members of the at least five other longhouse Dayak communities of Lanjak.
West Kalimantan 's Danau Sentarum National Park wildlife has 120 species of fish, Among them arethe Asian bony tongue, toman, betutu, jelawat, belida, ketutung, and the beautiful clown loach. Other animals like proboscis monkey, orangutan, estuarine crocodile, siamese crocodile, clouded leopard, great argus pheasant, false gavial, and wooly-necked stork also inhabit this national park.

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